New Zealand: is the time taken to obtain an NZeTA the same as for a normal visa?

When travelling to New Zealand, obtaining an NZeTA is one of the administrative requirements. Obtaining one is not difficult. All you have to do is go to the New Zealand authorities' website or use the services of an agency.

How long does it take to obtain an NZeTA and a regular visa?

Obtaining an NZeTA visa is not the same as obtaining a traditional visa. To obtain a traditional visa, you have to go to the embassy and complete a number of formalities. These formalities, which vary in complexity depending on the country, can take several days or even months before your visa is ready. This can sometimes be tedious, as you will have to go to the embassy several times before finalising everything. But thanks to the technology that now simplifies everything, you can apply for a visa online from the comfort of your bedroom and get it in just a few days.

What are the different ways of obtaining an NZeTA?

Thanks to the development of technology, several countries have equipped themselves with the tools needed to issue visas online. This advance has enabled many people to avoid the traditional visa, which requires the applicant to be present. Today, there are two ways of obtaining an NZeTA: you can apply directly on the New Zealand authorities' website, or go through an agency. With the first option, you simply complete the formalities online on the authorities' website. They will examine your application and keep you informed of its progress. However, it is important to do things in the right way to avoid having your application rejected.

The second option is to go through an agency, recognised for its expertise in the formalities involved in obtaining an electronic visa. If you find it difficult to do this yourself on the official government website, you can entrust the management of your file to this agency. By doing so, you are relieved of the various complexities involved in the application.

This choice can also prevent you from making filling-in errors that could penalise you and lead to your application being rejected. The agencies take care of everything, from submitting your application to issuing your NZeTA. You'll just be informed when your eVisa is ready. And you no longer have to go back and forth to the embassy, as is often the case when obtaining a traditional visa.

Applying for a visa online is the best way to obtain this valuable administrative document that will enable you to travel to your dream country. Whether you apply directly via the authorities' website or by using the services of an agency, the time taken to issue the NZeTA is shorter than that for a traditional visa, which can be a cause for concern. The NZeTA is generally ready between 24 hours and 3 days.