NZeTA Transit for New Zealand: how do I obtain it?

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The Department of Foreign Affairs in New Zealand has recently introduced new legislation regarding transit travellers. It is now necessary to hold anNZeTA. This applies to citizens from more than 60 countries. What is the NZeTA transit and how do you obtain it?

What is NZeTA transit?

The transit visa is a travel authorisation that has been mandatory since October 2019 in order to be admitted to New Zealand. This travel authorisation is a scheme that allows travellers to enter New Zealand for visiting or transit purposes. It is a process that takes place online to allow travellers to apply anywhere in the world.

NZeTAs are requested quickly over the internet at any time. The payment is made online at the time of application. The transit visa is valid for 2 years. It offers the possibility ofstaying in New Zealand for up to 90 days. There is no need to pay an IVL tax for nature conservation if you are in transit. The time taken to obtain this visa is72 hours.

The only constraint when in transit with the NZeTA is that you must pass through Auckland airport only.

How do I obtain the NZeTA?

NZeTA transit can be obtained in two different ways. The first involves the authority website and the second relates to the services of an agency.

Transit visa via the authorities' website

Firstly, you need to access the platform of the New Zealand authorities. You must have your valid passport to present for your trip. You must also have a photo ID, credit card or debit card. Make sure your e-mail address is valid.

Fill in an e-visa application form. Next, you must pay a sum of 23 NZD or €13 in consular fees solely by completing it on the site. Finally, wait 72 hours for the precious sesame. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an electronic visa waiver.

Transit visa through an agency

This procedure is less tedious, simpler and quicker than the first. The agency accompanies you through every formality you need to complete. You no longer need to bother about obtaining your NZeTA transit. You just fill in the online form. You then pay by bank card. Since you don't need to pay the IVL, you pay €13 in consular fees + service. You must then send the supporting documents by email to the address indicated.

Be careful to note the tracking number of your procedure in the confirmation message. To lodge the application, simply proceed to a colour scan of the passport page with your date of birth, passport number and all the required data. Make sure the passport is valid forat least 3 months after your date of departure from New Zealand.

You must not use a diplomatic passport or emergency green. Send the scanned file in the format of your choice. The processing team will take care of putting your documents in the correct format to avoid any risk of refusal. The documents must be fairly readable so that you can comparison your manually entered information. All these steps must be taken outside New Zealand and before entering. The waiting time always remains the same.