Top 5 places to visit in New Zealand

Situated in the south-west of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a land full of wonderful places. Caves, national museums, islands and mountains are just some of the places that give New Zealand its charm. Where to go in New Zealand? In this article, discover our selection of the 5 must-see places to visit during your stay.

5 places you absolutely must see

As soon as you drop off your bags in New Zealand, put the following places on your list of places to visit.

  • Hot Water Beach

A visit to Hot Water Beach puts you in the heart of the Coromandel Peninsula. As its name seems to suggest, this is the beach that has a geothermal water source from underground. It attracts nearly 700,000 visitors every year. It's considered a natural spa, and that's what makes it so famous. It's the ideal place to rest and revitalise your body. Hot Water Beach also boasts fine sand and secluded hiking trails.

  • The Waitomo caves

If you love unusual adventures, don't miss the chance to visit the Waitomo caves. This is one of the island's top attractions because of its unique features. Waitomo is underpinned by a network of caves, the circuit of which leading underground is crossed by boat. Once there, the spectacle will leave you speechless.

  • Rangitoto Island

You've always heard of a desert island without really knowing what it's like. During your stay in New Zealand, make a stopover on Rangitoto Island to experience it for yourself. It's a volcanic island (but the volcano has been inactive for years) that you reach by ferry. There is no human presence on the island, just a few dwellings that have been turned into museums. A hike is recommended to discover some rare exotic plants and meet the birds that shelter on this island.

  • Cathedral Cove

It's a postcard-perfect marine reserve. Be sure to take plenty of photos of this wonderful place. It's a great place for a cruise. Visit the beaches on foot and discover the tropical plants and the surrounding landscape. Take the opportunity to swim in the sea or go canoeing to get another view of Cathedral Cove.

  • Kaikoura

In Kaikoura it's the sea visit to watch the whale and dolphin show. Of course, the appearance of whales and dolphins depends on the weather, but tourist guides know how to identify favourable periods. Note that you need to book your visit as early as possible if you hope to find a place.

How do I obtain an NZeTA for New Zealand?

Obtaining electronic travel authorisation in New Zealand is done online at 100%. No need to visit the embassy. Simply visit the official websites of the New Zealand authorities and fill in the form. You can also seek the services of a private company with expertise in immigration and recognised experience in travel formalities. Here are the steps to follow to make your application:

  • go to the agency's website, complete the online request and pay by credit card;
  • receive the document in your mailbox and print it ;
  • present the document when you arrive in New Zealand.

Remember that you must be outside New Zealand when you apply.